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Connections 2024: CPRS Conference & Expo

Tuesday, February 27 - Friday, March 1, 2024

Palm Springs Convention Center

Connections 2024:  CPRS Conference & Expo is almost here and we can't wait to welcome you to Palm Springs! 
As your first taste of Connections 2024, use this website to browse sessions, get to know speakers, check out all the vendors in the Expo Hall, and start mapping our your Connections 2024 experience.  Still need to book a hotel room?  Use our 'lodging' link to the left!  Ready to enhance your conference week with an intensive or extra curricular event?  Check out the 'Conference Enhancers' link!  Have questions about attending?  Give the HQ team a call at 916.665.2777... we're happy to help fill you in.

Register TODAY! 

Need some inspiration to join us?  Check out this quick highlight reel from Connections 2023... 


We look forward to connecting with you at Connections 2024!
See you soon CPRS!

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